Samuel G. Fadel

Postdoc Researcher, Linköping University


My main research interests are on unsupervised machine learning, particularly with geometrically-inspired representations. During my PhD, I worked on problems ranging from temporal graphs to generative modeling. Prior to my PhD research, my research interests focused on data visualization.


I have been regularly teaching courses every semester since 2020. I mostly teach for graduate (MSc. level) courses, but in the past I have worked as a teaching assistant for BSc. courses.

When opportunity allows it, I also try to come up with alternative ways to help students understand some concepts. Particularly for a Deep Learning course, I have designed a visualization tool for convolutions. I would be happy to hear if you found it useful or have feedback.



Postdoc researcher (2023─present)
Postdoc researcher (2021─2023)
Visiting researcher (2019─2020, 15 months)
Ph.D. in Computer Science (2017─2021)
Visiting researcher (2015─2016, 3 months)
M.Sc. in Computer Science (2014─2016)
B.Sc. in Computer Science (2010─2013)